New websites provide information about William Gheen

In an effort to provide more information to the public about William Gheen‘s fight against illegal immigration and amnesty, several new websites have been launched.

William Gheen has a large Facebook page and William Gheen‘s Twitter account now has more than 22,000 supporters.

There are new websites just created at sites like and William Gheen‘s About Me page and William Gheen‘s Weebly website.

There are many links to many sites containing news reports, blogs, and videos about William Gheen found at

To join or support William Gheen‘s fight against illegal immigration and amnesty please sign up for free email alerts at

It takes a lot of hard work to expand our web presence and network of activists across America that feel more must be done to protect American jobs, taxpayer resources, and lives from the perils of illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration.

We are hopeful that Donald Trump will keep his campaign promises to end Obama’s DACA amnesty and secure America’s borders while deporting millions of illegals.

Below is a picture of William Gheen at Donald Trump’s inauguration in DC.  Obama flew directly over William Gheen in Marine 1 as he departed the south lawn of the White House for the final time.

William Gheen

William Gheen at Trump inauguration



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