About William Gheen

William Gheen loves God, America, his family, and friends and wants a better future for the nation.

William Gheen has dedicated his life to addressing the toughest political issues such as illegal immigration, America’s failed fiscal policies, liberty, the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens, privacy protections, and product safety. William has worked for peaceful political change in America to provide better representation for all citizens while fighting against government corruption and illegal immigration.

Born and raised in North Carolina, William Gheen is quoted in the national media as an important voice on these issues. William travels as a guest speaker making notable appearances and speeches for events and rallies in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

William Gheen is an avid gardener, hunter, paintball enthusiast, hiker, camper, and outdoorsman with a great appreciation for nature and the beauty of God’s creation. Gheen is also a hobbyist astronomer and supporter of America’s Aerospace and Space Exploration industries.

Before gravitating to politics in 1992, William Gheen considered going into the fields of Aerospace, Nuclear Engineering, Archaeology or Cosmology. His interest in these subjects has remained high in spite of choosing a different path in life.

William Gheen, called Bill, by his close friends and family, has always loved music. Singing in chorus and in church since he was a child, he was also the lead vocalist for several contemporary rock groups from 1987-1992. Bill Gheen is currently writing and recording original music with friends. In addition to lead vocals, Bill plays keyboard, bass, guitar, and enjoys vintage synthesizer emulation and songwriting. Bill is also an avid vinyl LP collector with special interest in classic rock of the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s with special appreciation for post-punk and New Wave music 1977-1987.

William Gheen has worn many different hats in the political arena. He has served as a campaign volunteer, manager, and consultant with over 44 campaigns and has experiences ranging from local races to races for governor and US Congress. William Gheen has also served as an assistant Sgt-at-arms in the NC Senate, a legislative aid, and both as an issue lobbyist and researcher.

William Gheen currently consults with members of the US Congress on immigration issues. His main organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or ALIPAC is supporting and advising over 100 members of the US Senate and Congress about the need for more enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws instead of any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens.

For more information current information about William Gheen, please visit ALIPAC / Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or www.WilliamGheen.com