McIntyre hits GOP rival for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants

Type: Daily Newspaper Report Quoting William Gheen Source: The Raleigh News and Observer Date: 10/3/2012 Author: John Frank
Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre is hitting his GOP rival for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants in a new TV ad.

William Gheen ALIPAC Endorsement of Mike McIntyre

Congressman Mike McIntyre

The ad debuts as Americans for Legal Immigration PAC endorsed McIntyre in the 7th District, despite saying earlier this year it wouldn’t support a candidate in the race.

McIntyre hits GOP rival for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants

“We are happy to return our endorsement to Congressman Mike McIntyre; his opposition to any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants makes him a clear choice over David Rouzer, who supports AgJOBS Amnesty for illegals,” said William Gheen, the ALIPAC organizer.

In the TV ad — airing in Wilmington and soon the Raleigh market, the campaign said — McIntyre accused illegal immigrants of “stealing our jobs and using our tax dollars for their healthcare.” He also attacked Republican David Rouzer of lobbying the federal government for amnesty, an issue that arose in the GOP primary.

The commercial and endorsement serve as another head-shaking moment in this campaign where McIntyre positions himself to the ideological right of his Republican opponent.

Rouzer’s campaign spokeswoman Jessica Wood added this: “Congressman McIntyre has had 16 years to tackle our immigration problem, but all he’s provided is too much talk and too little action. David Rouzer, on the other hand, has shown he is willing to dive in and solve this problem on behalf of our farms and small businesses and he is proud of his work.”